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Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

How many times have you found yourself thinking “If I wasn’t so tired” or “I just feel so drained”? Then in hopes for a boost, or even just enough energy to get through the day, you turn to sugar or caffeine. This cycle of fatigue breaks us down both physically and emotionally. It can make […]

Is It All About Macros?

Macros, calories, sodium, grams of carbs, percentage of fat, food trackers – these are all different ways that we use to asses how a certain type of food is going to impact our body.  And of course, when I say that, what I really mean is lose weight😉 Although these can be factors that we […]

Detox Recipes for Spring

If you ever really want to hear me nerd out about nutrition, ask me about eating for the seasons. (Wait…stick with me for a sec!) Yes, there are all the financial, environmental and freshness benefits that I go into in this blog.  But the coolest part to me is how the produce that is in […]

Travel Supplements

When I was in school for nutrition, I walked around with a suitcase full of supplements.  It’s amazing how learning about vitamins and minerals can have the unfortunate side effect of making you a hypochondriac! That was quite some time ago and have whittled my supplement plan down to just the essentials.  For me that […]

What I Eat on Vacation

This week I am headed out to Italy for a little vacay and a lot of fun! I will be staying in Sorrento so if there is anything I must see or do, let me know in the comments! Vacation can often be a source of fear and panic when it comes to nutrition, so […]