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What We Get Wrong About Holiday Eating

This time of year, we get a lot of nutrition advice on how to handle holiday meals.  Although some of them can be really helpful strategies, when we put all of our effort into hacking these single meals, we can miss the point altogether. The fact of the matter is our bodies are resilient and […]

Decision Fatigue

Have you ever started your day full of hope and healthy plans only to have it end in a pile of take-out?  This is typically after a very frustrating “I don’t care, what do you feel like eating” conversation.  Ultimately resulting in post meal shame and annoyance that it wasn’t even worth it. If this […]

5 Quick & Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes for Winter

Winter cooking needs to be delicious and it needs to be easy.  In fact, overestimating our time and capacity is the main thing that causes us to spiral during the holiday season.  We hold ourselves to the same standards as the rest of the year and when we don’t meet them, it all comes crashing […]

3 Ways to Rebound from a Big Weekend

Last week I took a whirlwind trip to the east coast.  I traveled through 6 different states to visit some of my favorite people and get a taste of fall.  I did all the things to keep my immune system up and feel as good as possible. Still, with all that prep I got the […]

How to Keep Your Hands Out of the Candy Jar

This time of year, we are always arm’s length from a candy jar.  Little cauldrons full of bite sized treats pop up everywhere from the dry cleaners to the office.  I am a huge fan of eating for pleasure.  In fact, if we have ever worked one-on-one with each other you know that is one […]