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3 Diet Myths Keeping You Stuck – And What to do Instead

In the diet and nutrition world, there are certain things that we hear so frequently that we get to the point where we assume they are true.  Often, they are even based on some scientific fact but then presented in either an incomplete or biased way. Unfortunately this misinformation can keep us stuck.  Either it […]

Your Top 10 Nutrition Questions Answered

As a nutritionist, it’s hard to go anywhere where people don’t want to pick your brain – on the airplane, at the grocery store, standing in line at the bathroom! Over time I have found that most people have the same burning questions and, unfortunately, the same misinformation.  Here are the answers to the top […]

The Awesome Benefit of Falling Off Track

When we fall off track, we typically view it as evidence that we will always fail.  We say: “Here I am again – just like last time – can’t stick with anything – more proof – I knew it!” Then we lump it together with all our past experiences and throw into a box marked […]

Bowl of Potato Chips

Is Snacking Keeping You Stuck?

Do you ever feel like snacking is your nemesis?  As if Pringles crawled into your brain when they said “once you pop, you just can’t stop!”  Or if we could just get rid of all those cookies in the break room, life would be so much easier! The problem isn’t the actual snacks, it’s that […]

Small Healthy Habits with Big Results

Here is a very important thing that I want you to remember: Weight & health are symptoms of behaviors. They are not the root problem, they are the result. We tend to attack these symptoms when we go on a new nutrition plan rather than drilling down and creating positive habits and behaviors.  This week […]