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3 Ways to Rebound from a Big Weekend

Last week I took a whirlwind trip to the east coast.  I traveled through 6 different states to visit some of my favorite people and get a taste of fall.  I did all the things to keep my immune system up and feel as good as possible. Still, with all that prep I got the […]

How to Keep Your Hands Out of the Candy Jar

This time of year, we are always arm’s length from a candy jar.  Little cauldrons full of bite sized treats pop up everywhere from the dry cleaners to the office.  I am a huge fan of eating for pleasure.  In fact, if we have ever worked one-on-one with each other you know that is one […]

Top 3 Supplements to Boost Immunity

When it comes to a strong immune system, your nutrition and lifestyle are key.  That means really protecting your sleep, exercise and nutrition are the most important factors.  After that solid foundation, there are three key supplements that I add to my day during the fall & winter to boost my immune system. Vitamin D […]

Should You Eat More Meat?

Last week there were new guidelines published in the Annals of Internal Medicine saying that we should continue our current unprocessed and processed meat consumption without limitation.  As expected, the internet blew up and social feeds went crazy with images of burgers and bacon. Then the backlash. What was interesting about the backlash was that […]

The Last 90 Days

Last week as I was scrolling through Instagram (as I do WAY too often…I’m working on that) I came across Rachel Hollis talking about the Last 90 Days of 2019.  This was in reference that starting today, October 3rd, we have exactly 90 days left of 2019. We have exactly 90 days until the new […]