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Meal Plan (with recipes) for Younger Looking Skin

Who doesn’t want younger looking skin? The vitamins and minerals that are found in our food can help protect our skin from UV damage, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and increase its color and elasticity. Follow this plan for younger looking skin! Start Your Day with Water Dehydration is the fastest way to dry, tight, […]

31 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. It’s a little like the holidays all over again for us nutritionists! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate. The truly ambitious can try one each day, but for the rest of us, I suggest picking a few favorites and making them a part of a diet routine. […]

Four Steps to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Guest blog by: Lindsey Pasieka Nearly half of Americans have risk factors for heart disease, and it’s ranked as the number one killer in our nation, for both men and women. The statistics are scary, and the disease is made all the more prevalent because of some Americans’ poor lifestyle choices. Processed foods, little to […]

Four Foods to Help Boost Your Mood

We all have rough days. Maybe you are stressed out with work, overwhelmed with your kids’ schedules or just plain blue. Did you know that in many cases food can be your best defense against feeling down in the dumps? That’s right, many foods contain nutrients that actually help boost your mood and give you […]

Do This One Thing Now to Lower Your Cholesterol

Do you remember the commercial a few years (OK, probably many years back) that had the guy in the elevator bragging about how he dropped his cholesterol by 50 points by switching his morning eggs with oatmeal? Perhaps you have seen one of the many documentaries out there that say the best way to lower […]