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Sneaky Saboteur: Meal Replacements

If you were to walk into my office right now you would find a bowl of nutrition bars that I have for my clients (everyone is much nicer when they are not hangry!).  If you scroll through my blog, you will find multiple times where I recommend different bars and shakes as a quick and […]

How Sleep Sabotages Weight Loss

Have you ever felt like you were doing everything right (or at least mostly right!) but still not seeing results? When we try to make changes to our health, we tend to go to great lengths to nail down our nutrition and exercise.  As a nutritionist, I am all for improving your food and movement!  […]

How to Resist an Urge

See that picture to the left?  It’s not tacos, which is what I really wanted for lunch on Tuesday.  You see, when I started the day I had big plans of bringing my lunch.  I had these great leftovers and I wanted to save money, be healthy, blah blah blah.  But when lunch came around, […]

7 Easy & Healthy Summer Treats

Let’s be honest, summer is just more fun!  It is full of BBQ’s and pool parties and lots of reasons to celebrate. This week I wanted share with you some easy and refreshing summer desserts. – yes, it is OK to eat something just because it tastes good!  These are all made with fresh ingredients […]

Why You Feel Out of Control Around Food

Do you ever feel addicted to food?  Or perhaps that there are certain types of food that you can’t have near you because you inhale it before you even know what you are doing? If so, you are not alone!  Feeling out of control around certain food is one of the most common complaints that […]