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Four Foods to Help Boost Your Mood

We all have rough days. Maybe you are stressed out with work, overwhelmed with your kids’ schedules or just plain blue. Did you know that in many cases food can be your best defense against feeling down in the dumps? That’s right, many foods contain nutrients that actually help boost your mood and give you […]

Do This One Thing Now to Lower Your Cholesterol

Do you remember the commercial a few years (OK, probably many years back) that had the guy in the elevator bragging about how he dropped his cholesterol by 50 points by switching his morning eggs with oatmeal? Perhaps you have seen one of the many documentaries out there that say the best way to lower […]

11 High Protein Snacks Under 200 Calories

If you look at hunger as a problem to be solved, protein is the solution to that problem.  However, typically we reach for carbs (even the “healthy ones) and then get confused why we aren’t satisfied!  I find that this happens most often in our snacks.  As a rule of thumb, I like to see […]

4 Steps to Stop Bloating

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash We all know that dreadful feeling of being bloated. Your rings feel tight, you think that your pants might pop and you feel generally gross and uncomfortable. Sometimes overeating causes this feeling. However, if you have paid attention to your portions and still feel puffy you’ll want to, try these tips to […]

5 Healthy Soup Recipes

With cool winter temperatures and cold and flu season in full gear, there is nothing more comforting and healing than a warm cup of soup.  Although the store bought varieties can be convenient, making your own homemade soup will cut the sodium, kick up the nutrition and (let’s be honest) taste way better.  Here are […]