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This Increases Your Odds of Weight Gain by 57%

Did you know your friends have more of an impact on your health and weight than family or genetics? According to the Framingham Heart Study (one of the longest and most respected health studies), if your friend is overweight or obese, your chance of also becoming obese increases by 57%. What makes that number interesting, […]

The Simple Mindset Shift to Stop Fighting Food

Diets are rooted in the idea that is us vs. our body or us vs. food.  If you have been cycling on and off diets or struggling with emotional eating, this can feel 100% true.  It can feel like your body is sabotaging you or your brain is out to get you and wants you […]

How to Handle a Plateau

Plateau’s are one of the least understood (and frustrating) parts of weight loss and usually what causes people to quit.  On the flip side, when you really understand what is happening in your body, it can be a complete game changer! This is going to be helpful for two sets of people: Those who made […]

Healthy One-Pot Meals You Can Freeze

After the popularity of the 5 Quick & Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes for Winter, I wanted to follow that up with some quick & healthy one pot meals for January.  What I am adding this time, is that at least a component of each of these meals is freezable. The reason for this is – […]