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Last Minute Healthy Gift Guide 2018

Did the holidays sneak up on you this year?  Me too.  The good thing is thanks to the interweb and amazing people working hard to pack, ship and send, there is still time to get the perfect gift for those who you love.  And maybe one for yourself…I don’t judge. For the Kids Kalamata’s Kitchen […]

Do This One Thing to Beat Overwhelm

There are approximately 153,987 things that you can do to improve your nutrition.  There are about 765,435 ways to increase fitness.  There are about 9,873,552 holiday cookies in the break room right this second. Add these all up and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and helpless to take any action until the beginning of […]

Your Top Thanksgiving Questions Answered

I don’t know if I’m being more observant or just more sensitive, but there has been A LOT of misinformation floating around this year about how to tackle Thanksgiving.  The heartbreaking thing is that these ideas aren’t just not helpful but they will actually lead to the exact outcome that you are trying to prevent.  […]

Natural Ways to Prevent & Fight the Flu

Cold and flu season hasn’t fully struck but the only thing better than treating the flu naturally is preventing the flu naturally!  Here are 4 things you can do today to boost your immune system to help prevent colds and flu.  Then at the end, a few things to do if you have already been […]

5 Healthy Fall One-Pot Meals

Ahhh – it is finally fall! Cooler temperatures, warmer clothes and shorter days.  Everything about this time of year makes us yearn for being comfortable and cozy.  Although the idea of “comfort” rarely makes us think of health, if you play it right you can create simple, healthy meals that will make the house smell […]