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What’s All the EGG-citement About?

If you have been anywhere near a computer in the past few days, you have most likely seen an alarming headline about how eating eggs will lead to immediate death.  Here are a few of my favorites: “Eating three or more eggs a week increases risk of heart disease and early death, study says” “Eating just […]

We Don’t Eat Nutrients, We Eat Food

There has been an interesting shift in the nutrition conversation over the last few years, where the focus of our conversation has been solely on nutrients. What I mean by this is we say things such as: “I don’t eat carbs” “That has too much sugar” “I’m really trying to add in fat” On the […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Read This.

Yesterday I jumped on Facebook to go live about one of the main reasons why we are so confused when it comes to nutrition information.  It really comes down to being able to differentiate between what is nutrition science and what is nutrition belief.  I listed my notes below but click the image above for […]

3 Diet Myths Keeping You Stuck – And What to do Instead

In the diet and nutrition world, there are certain things that we hear so frequently that we get to the point where we assume they are true.  Often, they are even based on some scientific fact but then presented in either an incomplete or biased way. Unfortunately this misinformation can keep us stuck.  Either it […]

Your Top 10 Nutrition Questions Answered

As a nutritionist, it’s hard to go anywhere where people don’t want to pick your brain – on the airplane, at the grocery store, standing in line at the bathroom! Over time I have found that most people have the same burning questions and, unfortunately, the same misinformation.  Here are the answers to the top […]