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"Tara quite literally changed my life, but she won’t take credit for it. At the very least, she gave me the tools to change my life and support along the way. I lost 16 pounds and have kept it off for a year, but more importantly, I feel in control of food in my life. I’m not on any meal plan anymore, but I know how to eat in a way that nourishes my body, gives me energy, and keeps my weight stable." – Ashley  |  Read More ››


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  • Small Healthy Habits with Big Results

    Small Healthy Habits with Big Results

    Here is a very important thing that I want you to remember: Weight & health are symptoms of behaviors. They are not the root problem, they are the result. We tend to attack these symptoms when we go on a new nutrition plan rather than drilling down and creating positive habits and behaviors.  This week […]Read More
  • Tara on CBS – Healthy Hunger Hacks

    Tara on CBS – Healthy Hunger Hacks

    Well, when you are on live TV, not everything goes as planned!  This segment was intended to be a combination of this blog and a really fun cooking challenge I did on Instagram.  However, it went in a different and hilarious direction.  Make sure to watch until the end!  Read More
  • 5 Sneaky Reasons You Are So Hungry

    5 Sneaky Reasons You Are So Hungry

    Let’s be honest, being hungry is the worst.  It’s uncomfortable, all you can think about is food and it is usually what eventually leads us to fall off track.  Unfortunately, a lot of diets will put you in this situation and then say – Just use more willpower!  Ugh.  I got your willpower right here, […]Read More