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"Tara quite literally changed my life, but she won’t take credit for it. At the very least, she gave me the tools to change my life and support along the way. I lost 16 pounds and have kept it off for a year, but more importantly, I feel in control of food in my life. I’m not on any meal plan anymore, but I know how to eat in a way that nourishes my body, gives me energy, and keeps my weight stable." – Ashley  |  Read More ››


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  • Is It All About Macros?

    Is It All About Macros?

    Macros, calories, sodium, grams of carbs, percentage of fat, food trackers – these are all different ways that we use to asses how a certain type of food is going to impact our body.  And of course, when I say that, what I really mean is lose weight😉 Although these can be factors that we […]Read More
  • Detox Recipes for Spring

    Detox Recipes for Spring

    If you ever really want to hear me nerd out about nutrition, ask me about eating for the seasons. (Wait…stick with me for a sec!) Yes, there are all the financial, environmental and freshness benefits that I go into in this blog.  But the coolest part to me is how the produce that is in […]Read More
  • Travel Supplements

    Travel Supplements

    When I was in school for nutrition, I walked around with a suitcase full of supplements.  It’s amazing how learning about vitamins and minerals can have the unfortunate side effect of making you a hypochondriac! That was quite some time ago and have whittled my supplement plan down to just the essentials.  For me that […]Read More