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5 Healthy Soup Recipes


With cool winter temperatures and cold and flu season in full gear, there is nothing more comforting and healing than a warm cup of soup.  Although the store bought varieties can be convenient, making your own homemade soup will cut the sodium, kick up the nutrition and (let’s be honest) taste way better.  Here are a few of my favorite homemade healthy soups.

Veggie Packed Minestrone

This is a classic “kitchen sink” soup where you can throw almost every vegetable imaginable into the pot and come out with something delicious.  It also makes a great base to a heartier soup so feel free to throw in leftover chicken, tofu, barley, etc.

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Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup

This is another soup that is great to use to clean out your pantry.  However, the one ingredient that can’t be missed is the lemon!  It contrasts so nicely with the spice and will add a burst of bright flavor into an otherwise chilly day!

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Healing Chicken Soup

This paleo friendly chicken soup has the normal ingredients that you would expect from a homemade chicken soup (i.e. broth, carrots, garlic, etc.).  In addition there are some surprise ingredients like turmeric and ginger.  These ingredients not only add extra immune boosting properties, but a subtle and unique taste to a classic.

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Slow Cooker Spicy Thai Chicken Soup

This is not only a tasty version of Thai chicken soup, it is all in one pot so it takes less time…and less clean-up.  Opt for full-fat coconut milk and cook on low to prevent separation.

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Quick Beef Pho

Pho is typically known for it’s long simmering broth, however if you have broth already on hand it can actually be a quick week-night meal.  This recipe also beautifully combines spice and heat with bright tastes like lime and basil for that flavor explosion you expect from a well made pho!

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Bonus: Weight Loss Vegetable Soup with Amazing Flavor

Ok, I know I said 5 healthy soup recipes, but I wanted to add this fantastic recipe from Holly. If you are craving veggies, this is the soup for you. However, the real reason I wanted to share it is that Holly does a great job of teaching you how to adapt it to your preference or what you have on hand. If you want to be one of those people that just pop into the kitchen and throws something amazing together – this is a great start!

Find the recipe at:

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