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What to Eat Now! The Best Seasonal Food and Recipes for Fall.

The cooler temperatures not only signal the change in season but also introduce new and delicious fall produce.  This produce is a perfect addition for the comfort food we crave and is also chock full of the vitamins and minerals we need to keep our immune system strong during cold and flu season.  Here are […]


9 Fruit Infused Water Recipes

At the beginning of the summer we talked about the importance of drinking more water.  Signs of dehydration include dry skin, brittle hair, trouble concentrating and weight gain. It is not only the foundation of every process in your body; it is also the way that your body releases toxins.  In fact, when clients come […]


Introducing 4 Powerful Herbs into Your Daily Life

Herbs are often an afterthought; a way to add flavors to a dish, but rarely the star of the show.  However, there are some powerful herbs that have been used as medicine for hundreds of years. These 4 “super” herbs will be a great addition to your medicine cabinet and your favorite recipes! Turmeric How […]


Best Summer Foods & Recipes

People often think that the holidays are the most challenging time of year when it comes to your nutrition. However, in my practice, I find that summer holds way more temptations! Endless barbecues, vacations and days at the beach can have you reaching for chips and ice cream rather than a balanced meal. The good […]


5 Tips to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water

Why is Water Important? Water is the foundation of virtually every process in your body. That means that if you aren’t hydrated, every other healthful activity you are doing won’t be as effective.  For instance: Vitamins won’t be absorbed as effectively Exercise, chiropractic and massage won’t be as impactful Anti-aging lotions or treatments won’t work […]