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Monthly Meal Plan for October


As discussed in last month’s post, Creating a Monthly Meal Plan, the benefits of meal planning include saving time and money and helping you choose consistently nutritious meals. This month I wanted to give you an example to help plan out the upcoming month.

The following tips will help you take my example and create something that works for you!

  • Increase or decrease portion sizes based on your exercise level and calorie needs. Along the same lines, double or triple the recipes if you are cooking for a larger family.
  • If you have plans that may include a meal, make sure to block them off of the calendar and don’t prepare meals for those days. Most all of these recipes can be frozen so you can even save those meals for next month.

Week 1 Plan

October Meal Plan week4

Link to Whole Chicken Crock Pot Recipe

Link to Egg Muffin Recipe

Link to Turkey Burger Recipe

Week 2

Breakfast: Sunday: Yogurt, Fruit, Granola; Monday: 2 Egg muffins, 1 orange; Tuesday: oatmeal and almond butter; Wednesday: 2 Egg muffins, 1 orange; Thursday: oatmeal and almond butter; Friday: 2 egg muffins, 1 orange; Saturday: buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup;  Lunch: Sunday: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with avocado and tomato, 1 apple; Monday: chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette; Tuesday: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with avocado and tomato, 1 apple; Wednesday: chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette; Thursday: out to lunch with friends; Friday: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with avocado and tomato, 1 apple; Saturday; chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette; Dinner: Sunday: Whole Chicken Crockpot with brussel sprouts and brown rice; Monday: grilled salmon, brussel sprouts, and brown rice; Tuesday: chicken stir-fry, brown rice; Wednesday: whole wheat pasta with ground turkey and tomato sauce; Thursday: chicken stir-fry, brown rice; Friday: out to dinner with friends; Saturday: mozzarella turkey burgers and salad

Link to Mexican Crockpot Chicken Recipe

Week 3

October Meal Plan week2

Week 4

October Meal Plan week3

Hopefully you can see how I organized the month so that I only had to cook a few times and repurposed many of the ingredients into multiple meals. This plan has a bit of variety; you could simplify it further by being more consistent with breakfasts and lunches or making larger batches of the dinner options and repeating the leftovers more frequently.

Once you try this out, come back and leave a comment. I would love to see how it works for you. What successes or challenges did you have? What tips do you want to share? I look forward to hearing how great you do!

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