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31 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. It’s a little like the holidays all over again for us nutritionists! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate. The truly ambitious can try one each day, but for the rest of us, I suggest picking a few favorites and making them a part of a diet routine.

  1. Visit a local farmers market. Check out Local Harvest’s website to find one close by.
  2. Replace one cup of coffee a day with a cup of SALADA Green Tea.
  3. Bring your lunch one extra day a week instead of eating out.
  4. Learn the best way to navigate the grocery store.
  5. Make sure the majority of the foods you eat are in season. To learn what’s in season in your area, visit Sustainable Table.
  6. Try a healthy, new recipe each week.
  7. Drink eight glasses of water a day. If you want to add a little flavor, try icing SALADA Pomegranate Berry Green Tea and sip on that throughout the day.
  8. Involve your kids in the meal-planning process!
  9. Replace your evening ice cream with a blended banana soft serve … I promise you’re going to love it!
  10. Try going meatless for a day.
  11. Plant an herb garden.
  12. Organize a healthy potluck at work.
  13. Eat the rainbow – challenge yourself and your kids to eat as many colors of fruits and vegetables as you can each day.
  14. Replace your sugary drinks with freshly brewed SALADA Tropical Mango Green Tea.
  15. Go fast food free for a week!
  16. Take a break from eating in front of the TV or computer. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite!
  17. Clean out your pantry.
  18. Try cooking with SALADA tea!
  19. Stock your office/pantry with healthy snacks.
  20. Curb your afternoon sweet cravings with fresh fruit rather than a piece of chocolate!
  21. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry, rather than when you are super full.
  22. Experiment with a new vegetable each week.
  23. Have SALADA Naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea as an after-dinner treat.
  24. Trade in your white rice, pasta and bread for their whole grain alternatives.
  25. Plan a family dinner night in which each member makes a healthy dish.
  26. Bring home-popped popcorn or a healthy alternative to the movies.
  27. Try quinoa instead of rice or pasta.
  28. Switch out your 9” dinner plates for 7” salad plates.
  29. Check out these tips to sneak more vegetables into your diet.
  30. Is there something that you decided that you hated when you were a kid? Try it again. You may like it this time around!
  31. Start. Often times we get overwhelmed when we think of improving our nutrition, however the most important thing is not what you do, but rather that you do something. I promise that if you start today and keep moving, you are going to look back in just a few weeks and be shocked at how far you’ve come.

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes.

Article first appeared on unbottleyourtea.com/tara.

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