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Everything starts with booking an initial consultation.

There are two main goals of this consult:

  1. For me to give you some really great information that you can use immediately. I really shouldn’t say this on the internet, but I have had more people than I can count receive a nugget of information in this initial consultation that has completely changed the way they eat and feel. I will go over what you are eating as well as your symptom history so I can give you personalized, specific and actionable advice on how you can reach your goals.
  2. To give you a clear understanding of what it means to work with me. Most people have never seen a nutritionist. It’s important that you can see and really understand exactly what our work together will entail so we can make sure it’s a good fit.

The price of this consultation is $65 and all forms of payment are accepted.

Contact me here to book your initial consultation!

If we decide to move forward after your initial consultation, we will customize a plan that is specific to your needs.

Our work together may include:

  • Resting Metabolic Test: We’ll measure your exact metabolism to learn the exact amount of calories you’re burning each day. This allows us to make sure you’re eating the correct amount of food each day to reach your goals.
  • Body Composition: We measure your weight, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, and visceral fat, which serves as a starting point and gives an accurate understanding of what realistic goals are for you.
  • Life Assessment: I pick your brain about life, work, and relationships. Where do you grocery shop? Where do you like to eat out? If you cook, how do you cook? What are your food likes and dislikes? The goal is to learn as much about your life as possible, so I can create a plan that fits inside it.
  • Custom Planning: After I’ve gathered all the necessary information, I create a personalized plan for you and your goals. Typically the turnaround on plans is two business days after our initial assessments are completed.
  • Follow-up Sessions: With my most comprehensive plan, we have weekly 30-minute follow up sessions where I check in and see how you’re doing. I also provide education, updates to your plan, and hold you accountable to your goals. Face to face is my preference for these sessions, but Skype and email sessions are also available.

Still not sure?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you…

  • Sick of trying countless diets and everything you can think of (or have read about), only to continue failing at your goals?
  • Feeling like you have all the knowledge of what to eat, but keep falling victim to sweets and carbohydrate cravings?
  • Weight cycling – losing weight only to gain it all back, plus more?
  • Constantly thinking or worrying about food, all the time, leaving you feeling ashamed and frustrated?
  • Dealing with drops in energy or mental fogginess?
  • Working out but not seeing results?
  • Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or high cholesterol?
  • Feeling run down, depressed, or having trouble sleeping?
  • Binge eating?

The problem with the nutrition industry isn’t that there’s too little information, it’s that there’s too much. It’s easy to get caught up in conflicting or confusing information, leading you to try many different approaches, with zero results. Oftentimes ending up in a more frustrating situation than you started.

Just a few years ago I had a client come in who was struggling with her weight, experiencing drops in energy throughout the day, and struggling with depression. A quick look and I could see she was already taking the time to put effort into her eating. This wasn’t a girl living on fast food or junk. Like a lot of people, she was following a very low carb diet and cutting calories in hopes of losing weight. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the right solution for her.

After assessing her health and symptom history, as well as measuring her metabolism, I gradually began to increase the quantity of what she was eating and added in some of the carbs she’d been so afraid of. Her energy shot through the roof and she reached her weight loss goals over the next few weeks. Plus, since her diet wasn’t so restrictive, she was able to eat more socially and stop living in fear every time she was outside her house. Her husband even emailed to thank me for helping get his happy, loving wife back. She started joking to her friends that her nutritionist put her in a high-carb, high-calorie diet!

The way you consume food can be life changing.

Once you learn how to eat for your unique body and put all that diet chatter to rest, you and your life open up in ways you never imagined. I know that sounds a little “new agey” and weird, but it’s true. I see it happening all the time with my clients. So many people are going about diet and nutrition completely wrong. Their best intentions and failed solutions are setting them up for failure.

Ultimately I give my clients confidence around food so they can stop worrying and start living their life.

Working together is a good fit if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by all the conflicting information around nutrition.
  • You’re sick of feeling uncomfortable in your skin and sluggish in your life.
  • You’re ready to get rid of diets and create a positive relationship with food.
  • You want to understand what “feeling great” really feels like.
  • You’re willing to try something different and commit 100%.
  • You want to find balance between the results you desire and the life you want to live.

If you’re just looking for a quick fix or the next fad, are closed minded and not willing to think differently, are looking for rigid and restrictive rules, or only want to be held accountable with negative reinforcement, we won’t be a good fit.

Everything starts with booking an initial consultation with me. This allows you to see exactly what it means to work with me and make sure I can actually help!

Click here to book your initial consultation now.