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What I Eat on Vacation


This week I am headed out to Italy for a little vacay and a lot of fun! I will be staying in Sorrento so if there is anything I must see or do, let me know in the comments!

Vacation can often be a source of fear and panic when it comes to nutrition, so I wanted to share with you how I handle food when I travel.

To be clear, enjoying delicious food is a high priority for me.  In this case we are staying on a lemon farm, taking cooking classes and if you don’t think I’m going to enjoy some wine you must not know me very well.  I have no intention of limiting any types of food or experiences when I’m there.  Still, there are some important things to think about that will allow me to have a better trip, a better return and really get a lot of pleasure from the best that Italy has to offer.

Travel Days

It is pretty rare that you will find me without food packed on a travel day.  This is not because I don’t think that I can find a healthy option in the airport.  Instead it is because airport food never really tastes that good, is expensive and usually a hassle as you are rushing from one gate to the next.  In other words, it’s a lot of work.  For me, packing a sandwich or quick meal is far less effort and way more enjoyable than trying to squeeze in a meal on my layover or being ravenous when I finally land.

Vacation Days

As I said above, there are no limits on what I plan on eating when I vacation.  Still, I know that most vacation days consist of two giant meals and a long stretch in between.  I also know that being tired, hungry and then starting the debate of where we should eat is the quickest way to a fight – or is that just in my family?

I always pack some sort of nonperishable snack to have just in case.  Typically these are nuts or bars because they don’t tend to take up much space (I’m packing these Spicy Rosemary Nuts this time).  Best case: I don’t need them, and I can rely on the awesome local produce for snacks.  Worst case: I have something as a backup, and I won’t miss out on any fun because of a case of the hangries?

Return Days

This is one of the most forgotten about parts of travel.  Typically, we try to clean out the refrigerator and pantry before we leave.  This means we return to an empty kitchen and usually zero motivation to shop, cook or really do much of anything.  The next thing you know your weeks’ vacation has turned into another full week of Postmates and promises that tomorrow will be the day you get to the grocery store.

Before I leave, I will make sure my freezer is stocked with leftovers and the ingredients for my morning smoothie.  I’ll have some quick ingredients for lunch that I can just throw together.  And of course, coffee…because jet-lag?

Alternatively you could set up grocery delivery so you start the week stocked with food.  The idea is simply to make it easier on yourself and be prepared…because coming back to reality is hard enough!

The Point

This may seem long when you read through it, when I go through in my head before each trip it takes a matter of minutes (if that).  The idea is not to cut back on the things I love but rather cut back on the things that happen due to being desperate and not prepared.  Because there is a big difference between enjoying some wine and pizza is Naples and housing Sabarro at the Chicago airport because it didn’t occur to me that I would get hungry!


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