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The Last 90 Days


Last week as I was scrolling through Instagram (as I do WAY too often…I’m working on that) I came across Rachel Hollis talking about the Last 90 Days of 2019.  This was in reference that starting today, October 3rd, we have exactly 90 days left of 2019.

We have exactly 90 days until the new year.

We have exactly 90 days until we kickoff the next decade.

I don’t know about you, but this blew my mind a little.

(If you are interested, she has a full challenge that you can check out.)

I think the reason that the idea of the last 90 days was so exciting for me is that it gives the end of the year the same hopeful and intentional energy as the new year.  

The fact of the matter is 3 months is a pretty long time.  It’s a quarter of a year and, over time, a quarter of our lives.  Yet this is also the time of year that we tend to wind down.  We say, “What’s the point, it’s almost the holidays.”

Yes, days are getting shorter and the holidays are different (I promise to give you some great support to get through them).  Still, I want you to imagine how great it would feel to be proud of how you ended the year rather than waiting until the 1st.  How empowering will it be to stride into 2020 rather than dragging yourself over the finish line of 2019?

What do you do with this information?

Is the answer to set big audacious goals, level up and kick your ass for the next 90 days?  Not at all.  In fact, I think that is the first time I have used the term “level up” and I believe it is supposed to include a hashtag.

Still, I want you to spend some time thinking about this and take some action.  Here’s how:

  1. Ask yourself how you want to kick off 2020. How do you want to feel?  Strong? Confident? Healthy? Energized? Excited?
  2. Back that result or feeling into a behavior. In other words, what actions do you typically take that leads to that feeling or result.  This can include the normal things like eating and exercise but also think about thinks like connecting with friends, spending time in nature, getting good sleep, etc.
  3. Now pick 1-2 of these behaviors that you can commit to for the next 90 days. Although you might want to push this hard (#levelup) I suggest applying the Goldilocks rule. This rule states that we are most inclined to stick with something if it is just past our current ability or comfort zone.  So, if you say I am going to do 5 jumping jacks each day, that is most likely too easy, and you won’t take it seriously.  If you say I am going to do CrossFit 7 days a week, that is most likely too hard, and you will quit.  It needs to be just past your current state – so it is effort, but you can also succeed.

The point of this is not that these 1-2 things will cause weight to melt off, hydrate your skin so you look 25 or make you live indefinitely.  It is that they will create consistent of action and anchor you each day so you remember that this is important to you.  True confidence does not come from results, it comes from consistency of behaviors that are congruent with your goals.  (As luck would have it, results also come from consistency of behavior, so we are all heading to the same place).

Focusing on these behaviors will have a ripple effect on your day and ultimately the year.  I want you to kick off this next decade believing you have the confidence and strength that I already see in you.

And if by chance you do find that special 25 yr. old skin elixir, be sure to send it my way.  Can’t hurt.

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