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Small Savings that Really Add Up!


We all have the best intentions of saving money, but sometimes we feel that in order for it to really make a difference we need to put away a significant amount each week. However, a lot of the money we spend is not on huge purchases, but on little expenses that we barely notice. Try these tips and you will find that a dollar here and a dollar there can really add up!


  1. When you swing by your local café for your morning tea, you are not only creating waste with each disposable cup, but you may be paying about 10 times more than if you steeped it at home! Try brewing your own Salada Green Tea a few days a week in your own reusable mug. You’ll save waste and those extra few dollars a week will multiply quickly!
  2. Did you know that you can actually get paid for recycling?  Check out this website for ideas on how to make money on everything from trash to your kids’ old clothes!
  3. Take a look around your kitchen. How many disposable plastic sandwich bags, paper towels and paper cups do you have? Try using reusable containers for your sandwiches, cloth napkins and reusable cups. Again, you’ll prevent waste and only have to buy them once rather than spending money each week on things you are just going to throw away!
  4. Have you ever paid a deposit and moved before being refunded? Well, that money is not lost, but rather held in accounts all over the country. Check out this website and search to see if you have any unclaimed property. You may be thankful that you overpaid that cable bill back in 1998!

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes.


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