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Small Healthy Habits with Big Results


Here is a very important thing that I want you to remember:

Weight & health are symptoms of behaviors.

They are not the root problem, they are the result.

We tend to attack these symptoms when we go on a new nutrition plan rather than drilling down and creating positive habits and behaviors.  This week I wanted to share a few simple habits that will help you feel better today AND build the skills you need to be successful long-term.

Drink 8oz. of Water Before Your Feet Hit the Ground

Earlier this month we talked about the important role of water in cleansing your body.  It is estimated that over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Minor symptoms can include brain fog, bloating and fine lines/wrinkles.  However, most of us push past thirst in the morning and go straight for our beloved coffee.  Leave an 8oz. glass of water next to your bed and commit to drinking it every morning before your feet even hit the ground.  You may be surprised that once you give your body water it actually starts to crave it, making it easier to stay hydrated for the rest of the day.

Serve Your Firsts With the Intention of Having Seconds

Whether it is a result of the clean plate club or mindless eating, we feel very committed to our food once it hits our plate.  When you serve yourself meals, serve yourself a smaller portion with the intention of going back for seconds.  An easy way of doing this is to switch out your dinner plates for the smaller salad plate and you can reduce your total intake by up to 20% without even noticing.

Now it is important to remember that it is not whoever eats the least wins!  If you are still hungry after about 15 minutes, please go back and get more!  This is not a trick to starve you.  Instead this is a first step towards getting you in the practice of being more connected to and having a better understanding of your hunger.

Become Best Friends with Your Freezer

IMHO, the freezer is the most underutilized kitchen tool. Cooking can be time consuming and, honestly, a bit of a pain.  So if you are going to put effort into cooking you should really get multiple meals out of it.  Every time you cook, make enough for at least two meals and freeze half.  Right now we are all motivated and excited about our health!  If you harness this excitement now, by the time motivation starts to ween you will have a freezer full of premade meals.  You can also kick it up a notch and try your hand at one of these 19 Healthy Freezer bag Meals.

Make Your Smoothies Two at a Time

Smoothies will stay good in your refrigerator for up to 3 days so I like to make them two at a time.  It is important to note that it will separate and look a little gross.  However, if you close your eyes and shake it up you won’t be able to tell the difference!  I like to use these Aquasana Water Bottles for my smoothies.  If you want to make sure your smoothie is a complete meal, check out the 5 Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Green Smoothie.

Learn How to Store Your Fruits & Veggies

The thing about healthy food is that it only works if you eat it!  So, if you spend a ton of money at the store of fresh fruit and veggies only to have them go bad, you’re not doing anyone any good.  Check out this great infographic from PaleoHacks for proper storage:

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