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The Hunger Solution is Tara’s Signature Course to help you master both nutrition science and emotional eating

I wonder if you can relate...

Have you ever said “I know what to do…I just don’t do it!”? Or felt overwhelmed with so much information that you feel paralyzed? If your answer is yes to either of those, let me tell you – you are not alone.

You see, the diet and nutrition industry typically motivates by fear and shame.  Sometimes this is direct. Fear of disease or weight or death. Sometimes it is indirect such as idealized social media or societal pressure.  Regardless, it can make us feel panicked and desperate for a solution.

These feelings often lead us to “fad” diets that offer only a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

​To make matters worse, when the new “fad” diet doesn’t work long-term, we blame ourselves!

Let me set the record straight – In my 15 years of private practice, I have worked with THOUSANDS of patients, and I can tell you:  I have NEVER encountered a single person that was a failure at eating. Not a single one of them lacked the capacity or was broken.  Instead they had simply chosen the wrong solution.

What's Included :

The Hunger Solution is a 6-week course to help you break this cycle. We learn the science behind hunger, cravings and nutrients so we have a clear understanding what to eat for our unique bodies.  Then we dive into the behavioral challenges such as planning, emotional eating and set-backs. The result is a solution that will teach you not only what to eat, but how to stick with it.

Registration is currently closed but sign up for the wait list so you are the first to know when we re-open in July!

What Customers Say

“One thing that has been great is the freedom I feel! Food can often make me feel trapped and powerless. This first week gives me hope that it doesn't have to be like that!”

- Janette D.

“I just have to say how thankful I am for everything I have learned from you! This is the first time I have ever been as confident and happy in my choices...You have literally changed my life so Thank You!! ”

- Chelsea E.

“Something in the way Tara presented things got me to change. I am FINALLY doing everything I have always wanted to do but could never stick with and have been consistent all year. I feel the BEST I have ever felt!”

- Brittany F.

Working together is a good fit if:

You’re feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by all the conflicting information around nutrition.

You’re sick of feeling uncomfortable in your skin and sluggish in your life.

You’re ready to get rid of diets and create a positive relationship with food.

You want to understand what “feeling great” really feels like.

You’re willing to try something different and commit 100%.

You want to find balance between the results you desire and the life you want to live.