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Mayesa Product Review – a Chocolate “Milk” that a Nutritionist can Love!


As a nutritionist, I receive quite a few nutritional products to review.  Some of them are excellent but many of them are a better representation of healthy marketing than actual health.  Once I actually received a product with mermaids in an R rated position on the label.  I decided to pass on the review because I learned from the Daryl Hannah movie that once you go mermaid you never go back and I quite like my legs.  However, when I received a package of Mayesa’s Cacao drink I was pleasantly surprised.

Quick background: Mayesa was created by three women from Encinitas, CA.  They first tasted a similar drink in Central America and found that it was both delicious and provided sustained energy.  They spent the next few years refining their own drink formulation until it was something they could stand behind.  Their company supports such non-profits as Kiva, which I absolutely love!

At first look, Mayesa appeared to me to be a chocolate milk alternative which is dairy free, soy free and gluten free.  They come in individual 8 oz packages.  I don’t like the idea of extra packaging but they have gone through great lengths to choose the environmentally friendly, biodegradable Tetra Pak. I feel that this is an excellent marriage of convenience and sustainability.

Ok, so now the part that you are waiting for…how does it taste?  It is absolutely delicious!  It has a much stronger coco taste than other chocolate drinks that you may be used to but I actually preferred it.  What you are actually tasting is the high quality of their formulation as opposed to HFCS – your body says thank you!  They also have a Cacao Mint version that tastes essentially like a liquid version of an Andes Mint.  Yum!  It is a satisfying sweet taste that leaves you satisfied rather than craving more and more.

I really feel that this product is ideally suited for a post workout drink.  It has a good amount of healthy carbohydrates but is also balanced with hemp protein and fiber, which makes it a perfect post-workout choice.  It will help replenish your glycogen stores and refuel you for your next workout.   The packaging can also be thrown into your gym bag or left in your car so you can get it into you immediately.

Whether you are looking fora  healthy sweet fix or a perfect post-workout drink, I suggest you check out  You can also visit this page for some coupons and to locate a store near you.  You’re going to love it!  Enjoy!


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