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Last Minute Healthy Gift Guide 2018


Did the holidays sneak up on you this year?  Me too.  The good thing is thanks to the interweb and amazing people working hard to pack, ship and send, there is still time to get the perfect gift for those who you love.  And maybe one for yourself…I don’t judge.

For the Kids

Kalamata’s Kitchen is a growing series of books based on the belief that food is a powerful connector.  Both within close families and between different cultures.  In this series Kalamata is a curious girl who discovers she has a magical table that can transport her and her best bud (Al Dente) all over the world on food adventures. Where ever she goes, she learns about new foods, new flavors and makes new friends.  It is a playful and fun way to both learn about new cultures and try new things. This is a great gift for your favorite little one…or even big one (I have one of my own!).


For the Chef (or aspiring)

If you haven’t already, drop what you are doing and watch Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix! It is a 4 part documentary that will get you excited to start cooking…or at the very least excited to watch someone else do it!  It is based on an amazing cookbook by the same name that I bought earlier this year.  It reads like a novel and is packed with practical and useful knowledge.  It has been referred to as the Joy of Cooking for the next generation and I couldn’t agree more!  This would be a perfect gift for both the seasoned chef and someone wanting to take the first step.

Order: Salt Fat Acid Heat

For the Environmentalist

Or veg-head, or penny-pincher or really just anyone that wants fantastic produce at a great price.  Imperfect Produce is helping prevent food waste by making use of the nearly 20 billion pounds of fruits and veggies that are wasted each year…simply because it’s not pretty enough.  Did anyone else just have a Jr. High flashback? You see, our grocers have HIGH cosmetic standards that have nothing to do with taste or quality so farms are left with a lot of excess.  Imperfect Produce is working to solve that problem.  What that means to you is the same delicious food delivered to your door at about a 30% savings.  You can customize your box and opt for organic or conventional.  Boxes start at about $11 so can make sure someone you love is eating for weeks and saving the world one slightly oblong sweet potato at a time.

Order: Imperfect Produce

For the Skin Care Lover

Our skin is our largest organ, which means that what we lather on or bodies is as important as what we put into it.  Thread & Seed specializes in clean beauty for all skin types.  They aren’t focused on a single brand so they will create a perfect combo of products based on your needs.  They also have BEAUTIFUL curated gift boxes that you can personalize or order one of their pre-made ones.  Some of them even have snacks and cocktail mixers.  So if the skin care doesn’t fit your friends needs, I guarantee booze and chocolate will!

Order: Thread & Seed

For the Sresscase

I’m a big believer that beautiful presentation goes a long way.  That is why I love the Magisso Teacups.  They are not only simple an a great way to make the perfect tea…they are also so cool looking!  This paired with some soothing loose tea would be a perfect gift (read: hint) for your friend that needs a little less action and a little more relaxing.

Order: Magisso Tea Cup

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