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Five Ways to Sneak Fruit & Vegetables into Your Kids’ (or Your Own!) Diets

  1. Blend them – Try blending broccoli or carrots into your favorite marinara sauce. Cauliflower works great in creamier sauces, too. You can also throw a few handfuls of spinach in your morning smoothie. You won’t notice the taste (although it will turn green!) but you will get all the benefits of raw veggies.
  2. Try veggie alternatives of your favorites – Truth be told, I’m not a huge cauliflower fan but when you chop it or mash it (and maybe add some cheese), you can come up with some pretty amazing dishes. Try this cauliflower version of mashed potatoes that I promise you will love. You can do a similar thing with cauliflower to make “rice.” If you don’t want to skip out on the health benefits of rice, try going 50/50 with cauliflower and brown rice for a delicious and healthy combo.
  3. Change their shape – Try a spiral vegetable slicer to turn even the most boring vegetable into a fun curly-q! You can make your own veggie pasta, use them to top homemade burgers or as a finger side to your kids’ favorite dishes.
  4. Eat them as dessert – During the hot summer months, you can really capitalize on the natural sweetness of fruit by freezing it into refreshing snacks. I absolutely love this orange sorbet recipe! Instead of water, I use Salada Original Antioxidant Green Tea. I have never had the patience to serve the sorbet in the orange peels, so instead, I pour it into an ice cube tray or Popsicle tray for a quick single-serving snack full of vitamin C!
  5. Make them Fun – On their own, fruits and vegetables can be kind of boring. However when you combine them, they can have all the colors of the rainbow and be much more appealing to your kids. They may not eat all of the colors at first, but if they try something new every few weeks, they will be eating the rainbow before you know it!

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes!

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