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Energy Boost! (Beating the Afternoon Slump)


We’ve all had days where we feel like we have hit a wall.  Follow these 4 tips to avoid that afternoon slump!

Have Breakfast BEFORE Coffee

Although your slump hits you in the afternoon it is really dictated by what you eat for breakfast.  Coffee is an appetite suppressant so oftentimes when we have coffee before we eat we eat too small of a breakfast or skip it altogether.  This can cause a drop in energy as well as cause us to over eat at lunch which is a recipe for a nap.  Instead make sure to have a high protein breakfast and then have your coffee.

Load Up on B Vitamins

B vitamins helps convert the energy found in our food into a type of fuel that our body can use.  Getting enough B vitamins won’t give you a rush of energy like caffeine but rather a sustainable energy throughout the day.  B vitamins are found in leafy greens, beans, whole grains, etc.  However if you find that you are feeling really depleted or under a lot of stress I would recommend supplementing with a B-complex.

Give Yourself a Little Sugar and a Lot of Protein

When you are tired your body is craving sugar but it really needs protein, so I give it both!  Reach for an afternoon snack that has a small amount of sugar like that found in fruit or a little chocolate but also combine it with protein for a longer term energy.

Have Some Coffee & a Cat Nap

This may seem like a weird combo, but it takes caffeine about 30 minutes to kick in, which is the perfect amount of time for an effective power nap.  In fact there have been studies showing that people performed better on a simulated driving test when combining coffee and a nap than when napping alone.  This trick should be used as a once-in-a-while solution.  If you find you are turning to it everyday it may be keeping you stuck in an energy drop cycle.


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