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Creative Health-Inspired Gifts


Whether you are shopping for your favorite health nut or trying to inspire some healthy habits in a loved one, these creative, health-inspired gifts promise to put a smile on everyone’s face!


Organic Fruit of the Month Club
The gift recipient will receive a delivery every month with organic seasonal fruit! It will be a delicious, monthly reminder of how much you care!
The Fruit Company


Herb Garden Kit
This is a great idea for those cooks in your life! You can choose from a variety of different kits with a number of different organic herbs. It’s a great way to start experimenting with less sodium and preservatives and more natural flavors!
The Tasteful Garden


Prevention Magazine Subscription
Another great monthly reminder that you care for your loved one and want them around for a long time! Prevention magazine is a fantastic monthly read that pulls from the most cutting-edge research and delivers it in an easily digestible format. Plus if you give this to someone in your household, you can read it too!
Prevention Magazine


Packable Reusable Grocery Bags
We all have the best intentions when it comes to reusable bags, but the hardest part is simply remembering to bring them to the store! These stylish bags roll up into a little ball that can easily fit into your purse. They are strong enough to handle all of your groceries but also stylish enough to carry around with you all day long!
Flip & Tumble


Tea Chest
This is a beautiful chest for your favorite tea lover! Fill it with your favorite blend, or a variety of different Salada Teas. Perfect for entertaining, this elegant tea chest is so beautiful it will become a conversation piece.
Salada Tea

The holidays are a time to share with loved ones and let them know you care about them. These gifts are just a few ideas for gifts that they will love and will kick off a healthful 2014. I’d love to know what other gifts you come up with. Send me an e-mail or share your ideas on the Salada Tea Facebook page!

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes.

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