Hi, I'm Tara Coleman

How I went from being a chemist, to tackling my own health concerns to helping thousands of people finally feel confident with their nutrition.  It was a windy road, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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I Was Not Born A Nutritionist - In Fact I Was Far From It!

I grew up with the standard American suburban diet of fast food, soda and sugar. It never really occurred to me that this was a bad thing because I was simply living my life like everyone around me.

What I did know is that I wanted to help fight sickness and disease. At a young age I had lost some very important people in my life to heart disease and diabetes. So I made it my goal to dive into science so I could study diseases like this and find a solution.

My undergraduate degree is in Biology and I spent 6 years in the biopharmaceutical industry as an analytical chemist. During this time I witnessed some ground breaking therapies and really gained an understanding of how the body works. As I did this I began to notice that many of the diseases that I was most interested in were actually caused by lifestyle and improper nutrition. Things that needed to be prevented, not necessarily cured.

At the same time I received a wakeup call from my doctor. She told me that my cholesterol was high, my C – reactive protein was elevated and if I didn’t focus on exercise and nutrition I was going to develop heart disease and it would be very soon.

How WAS This Possible?

I was now heading down the very path that I had dedicated my life to avoid. Still, I figure that I would just read some books, head to the internet, and figure this all out.

I read everything I could get my hands on — from fad diets to scientific studies. They all said different things and many of it made no sense whatsoever! At that point I decided to go back to school and learn for myself.

Once I cut through all the confusing nutrition chatter I was able to reverse my own health problems, lose some weight and feel energized in a way I didn’t know was possible.  I also learned that I was really good at taking complex nutrition ideas and translate it in a way that was effecting and easy to understand.


Over the past 15 years I have worked with over a thousand clients in my private practice, helping them find their best nutrition.

One of my favorite things is helping people find a different perspective, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. I love talking to someone who feels stuck, because I can help them look at their situation from a different point of view, allowing them to switch from frustrated to empowered!

With every client, I start by giving them a personalized plan of action designed to help them achieve their specific food goals. Every plan is uniquely tailored; I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach that many tend to take.

I start by learning about my client’s goals, but also about their lifestyle. What’s their schedule like? Where do they grocery shop? Do they cook? What’s their exercise routine, if any? Do they have a family? I combine all that information into a customized step-by-step plan designed specifically for their goals, needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Once they have their plan in hand, we touch base weekly for support, guidance, tools, new ideas, and accountability for success.

Not only do clients receive an education and a plan, they get peace of mind. My plans are incredibly realistic and designed for success. My clients feel a sense of ease, as they’re no longer mentally consumed with food and eating.

Ultimately I give my clients confidence around food so they can stop worrying and start living their life.


Once you learn how to eat for your unique body and put all that diet chatter to
 rest, you and your life open up in ways you never imagined. I know that sounds
a little “new agey” and weird, but it’s true. I see it happening all the time with
my clients, yet so many people are going about diet and nutrition completely
wrong, and they’re being set up for failure.

This makes me irate!
You are not the problem!

The solutions
you have tried are the problem.

I see so many smart, successful, kind individuals who spend their time beating themselves up and being completely obsessed with food and diet. I created my business so I can start giving them the tools they need to find peace and ease with eating.

Want to know more about me?


1 I was born two months premature and spent the first month of my life in an

2 I was voted class clown and wittiest in college.

3 I really don’t like cotton. Not the fabric but cotton balls. They make me squirm
and my teeth feel funny.

4 I recently climbed Mt. Rainier. It was really, really hard.

5 Michal Jackson was the first concert I ever went to.

6 I played the drums in high school.

7 I’m an only child but have 26 first cousins.

8 I love vegetables, but I think salad is the worst.

9 I have a little rescue dog who I love completely, even when she eats my remote
controls and sometimes my couch.

10 I also have a support system of people that help me. We really shouldn’t have
to do anything on our own.