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A Few of My Favorite Things – Healthy Holiday Gifts


‘Tis the season for giving and there are few things more rewarding than giving the gift of health. Having said that, a bouquet of broccoli tends to be met with blank stares (trust me, I speak from experience) and a gym membership can be taken entirely the wrong way! Below are some of my absolute favorite healthy gift ideas that your friends and family may actually love:

Bamboo Steamer – this is one of my favorite cooking tools and is perfect for the single student or working newlyweds short on time. It uses steam instead of fat and oil to cook your meats and vegetables so your food ends up healthy and perfectly cooked in a matter of minutes.
  Iced Tea Maker – perfect for the summer months. This has a separate compartment for your favorite Salada Tea bags and fresh fruit to make the perfect refreshing summer drink.
  Olive Oil Mister – it’s easy to overdo it with oils. This olive oil mister allows you to spray the perfect amount. It’s refillable so it is much more economical and saves waste in comparison to the single serving store bought brands.
Magic Bullet Blender – the easiest way to make quick smoothies on the go. Try using iced Salada Green Tea as a base instead of water. It’s a great way to add flavor and sneak in the added health benefits of green tea!
Grill Pan – the ridges on this pan collect fat while putting a barrier between the meat and the flame to help protect against charring.

True health starts with how we nourish our bodies. The holidays are a perfect time to let those around you know that you care about their health and well-being. Plus, your loved ones will be so thankful for your thoughtful gift that they are bound to invite you over for a healthy home-cooked meal!

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes.

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