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3 Tricks to Avoid Too Many Treats This Halloween


Halloween is the known for ghosts, goblins and mini-candy bars that seem to jump out at every turn. Follow these three tips to survive Halloween and build some skills that will help you through the entire holiday season.

Eat Normally on Halloween or When Sweets are Around

Oftentimes we get into the mindset of saving our calories when we know that we will be having extra food or sweets.  This is a recipe for disaster.  When we don’t get enough food our body is designed to cause you to crave sugar.  So you now you are having biological sugar cravings, emotional sugar cravings and there is a jack-o-lantern full of sweets in arms reach.  You are setting yourself up for a binge.


Eat normally (if not a little more) on days where you know there will be temptations.  You still may eat a bit more than you are used to but it will be in a more controlled manner and much easier to stop.

Arm Yourself with Snacks that Have a Sweet Component but also a Nutritious One – Make Yourself Eat This First

Sugar gives us a lot of pleasure but also processes very quickly in our body.  This means that we never really get full.  Protein and fiber actually solve the problem of hunger and fill you up.


When you know there will be temptations opt for snacks that have a sweet component like chocolate but also fiber and protein that will make you full.

When You Do Indulge, Enjoy it!  Really, Really Enjoy It!

There is a big difference between you sitting down and really tasting and enjoying your favorite treat and you inhaling 3 bite size snickers on a conference call.  This will cause you to eat is slowly and allow you body to register that it is full.


Make time and space for your favorite treats.  Take a break from work or wait until the kids are in bed and really savor it.

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