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Your 6-week Plan to End the Fight with Hunger and

Find a Solution

Have you ever felt like your hunger was out of control?  Or that you were in an epic fight with food?  Do you swing between complete control and quitting?  

Does this back and forth make you think you are a failure?

Here is the thing about the diet/nutrition industry.  It tends to motivate by fear and shame.  It can make us feel panicked and desperate for a solution. Unfortunately, the answers that are typically presented are incomplete or a short-term solution to a long-term problem. This inherently sets us up for failure.

Now here is the really tough part. When the solution doesn’t work we typically blame ourselves. We feel that we are broken or lack willpower or are addicted in some way.

In my 13 years of private practice and the thousands of people I have worked with both one-on-one and in group settings, I have not encountered a single person that was a failure at eating. Not a single one of them lacked the capacity or was broken. Instead they had just chosen the wrong solution.
I want to say that again, just so it's clear:


So how do we know what a true solution looks like?

It is based in scientific nutrition education.  Not the kind that overwhelms and confuses, but rather simple, straightforward, proven truth.  

It is sustainable.  A true solution understands that eating should enhance your life, not hinder it. 

It has support.  Support can take many forms.  It can be a mentor, others going through a similar experience or just the knowledge that you aren’t the only one.  All of this can feel incredibly lonely.  It doesn’t have to.

This is the foundation of the THE HUNGER SOLUTION. It includes:


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    Real nutrition education that simplifies rather than overwhelms
  • check
    Understanding your hunger signals and how to solve them with food
  • check
    Getting rid of cravings
  • check
    Recipes and meal planning strategies


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    Understanding emotional eating and strategies for breaking emotional eating cycles
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    Specific solutions for social situations and common triggers
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    How to stop setbacks before they start


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    Clinical Hypnosis & Daily Guided Meditations to keep you intentional and focused
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    Private online community
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    Weekly office hours with Tara & Dr. Rachelle

This curriculum is the culmination of 13 years of in practice experience.  That means that it not only works in theory but has been proven successful by people just like yourself.

Here's what you get:

Pre-course Worksheets and Guided Hypnosis

Dr. Rachelle Robinson leads a powerful guided hypnosis to prime your mind to learn and take action. For more information about what to expect with hypnosis, check out the FAQ section.

Week 1: FOOD

In the first week, we will learn how the common theme in diets is actually what has been keeping you stuck.  We will be going over what is going on in your body when you get hungry and when you eat. You will learn where cravings really come from and how to prevent them from happening.  We will discuss what foods solve hunger and how to combine food to keep you satisfied longer. 


In week 2 we go into the logistics of eating.  Understanding the difference between meal planning and meal prepping and simple techniques to take the stress out of eating.

Week 3: HUNGER

Long term success with nutrition is based on understanding and listening to your body's signals.  We will learn how to notice the subtle differences between different levels of hunger and where you should be to either lose or maintain weight.


Week 4 will go into when emotions are useful when you are eating, and when they are unnecessary.  You will learn how to spot that you are going to emotionally eat and prevent it from happening.


Oftentimes we feel caught off guard when we fall off track.  The truth is, there are very predictable steps that occur.  We will learn how to spot these warning signs and catch yourself before you fall.


Everything goes smoothly when you are motivated, in your house and in control of your food, but what happens when things go sideways?  We will discuss specific social situations like travel, social gatherings, food pushers, eating out, etc. and give you specific strategies to manage these common pitfalls.

Plus, you'll get these bonuses:

Daily Guided Meditations with Dr. Rachelle Robinson

Eating happens every single day and true success is based on consistency.  Dr. Rachelle will lead you through a 5 minute daily meditation so you can stay focused and intentional.  The meditation will change weekly to reinforce the lessons of the week.

Facebook Community

Even with supportive friends and family, tackling your nutrition can feel isolating.  This private Facebook community will be full of others going through the same process so you can both give and receive support.

Weekly Office Hours to get your specific questions answered

Each week Tara and Dr. Rachelle will have video office hours in the private Facebook community.  They will answer your specific questions and concerns.  You will have access to BOTH a nutritionist and a psychologist.  These office hours will be recorded so you can refer to them again and again.

Resource Center 

In the world of nutrition there is no shortage of information.  Tara will cut through all of that info and provide her recommended videos, blogs and reading that are both relevant and helpful.

Lifetime Access

You will maintain access to the community, content and resources so you can go at your own pace and review and refresh as often as you need.

Meet your guide:
Tara Coleman, CN

Hi, I’m Tara Coleman, a Clinical Nutritionist giving people the tools, education, and support they need to eat with confidence and live the life they desire.

I strongly believe that the key to changing your nutrition long term is first understanding the WHY and then the HOW.  My undergraduate degree in biotechnology, first career as a bioanalytical chemist and further education as a Clinical Nutritionist, gives me a firm understanding of how your body works so I can help you decipher symptoms and cues.  My 12 years in my private nutrition practice gives me the experience of actually putting this  knowledge to work.  

My technique is know to be practical, lighthearted and effective.  Ultimately my goal is to give you confidence around food so you can stop worrying and start living your life.

Dr. Rachelle Robinson

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachelle Robinson, a Clinical Psychologist helping people understand that in order to experience and see life differently, one must learn to respond and act differently.  

Typically when people are in the face of a problem and overwhelmed, they try whatever they think will solve it the fastest. Sometimes it solves the problem and no problem exists and sometimes the problem comes back. It is common-sense logic that usually tells the person to keep implementing the same old thing even when the exact issue repeatedly resurfaces. I want to help you find a different solution. What I have learned is that I can help people feel and act differently by introducing a small change in their environment. By initiating only a minor shift, a cascade of changes is possible.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over a decade of treating anxiety and disordered eating.  I utilize specialized therapeutic techniques, such as hypnosis, to enhance and progress the therapeutic process.

What Others are Saying...


In the last 9 or so months I have felt increasingly guilty and shamed for not eating perfectly, not working out as much as I should, and not losing more weight. I was kind of scared of food, actually--I would read labels of everything I ate, but then would go a bit crazy on my "cheat" meals. I have maintained my weight loss almost exactly, but I felt a bit uncomfortable with my relationship with food.

It might seem crazy, but I really feel like, since starting your program, a weight has been lifted off of me--I'm no longer scared of certain foods and eating has become much more pleasurable. I've felt more energetic and happy every single day of the last 2 weeks, and I haven't ever felt "famished" or "stuffed" in that period of time. A funny story--I haven't eaten peanut butter basically at all in the past couple of years, simply because I was scared of the calorie content. Every time I would think about it, I'd read the label and think, "200 calories for not thaaat much protein? no way." It feels silly now that I'm so excited to eat peanut butter on my toast in the morning, but it feels like a small victory to me.



Wowwww! I’m very excited...Everything makes a lot of sense, I felt that you were talking directly to me!



This program has been a godsend for me. The meal planning has been terrific. I haven't found myself ravenous once this week, and when I found myself faced with an unplanned event, I had bars in my purse for just such an emergency! My normal pattern is to eat a breakfast that keeps me satisfied for the whole morning, then forget about lunch, and then my afternoon "snack" is to find as much candy as I can. Crashing when I get home, I shove chips and a string cheese (probably the only healthy thing I've eaten since breakfast) in my mouth while making a healthy dinner. By the time dinner is done, I've filled myself up with junk. I BROKE THIS PATTERN.

ALICIA  //  


Tara: I had my big convention this week which is always a food challenge. Made it through unscathed by following a plan and being mindful! Many thanks for the tools and support.

GEORGI  //  


I have to say I’m loving Module 1!!! Tara, when you said that sometimes we can hear something 10 times before it can finally click for us. Well that happened for me with how you explained the science behind carbs and the “carb + protein” tips. Loved it! And the recipes are awesome. It even helped me yesterday be more mindful of better choices when I wanted to snack at home (due to boredom). Just had to share!

LISA  //  


Wow I learned so much on this weeks module!  Awesome tip on how to read labels!  So glad I signed up for this!!!


When You Understand Your HUNGER, You Gain:

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    Confidence around understanding what your body needs.
  • check
    Knowledge of where cravings come from and how to prevent them.
  • check
    An understanding of hunger signals.
  • check
    Meal planning strategies that reduce the stress around food.
  • check
    Ways to address and manage emotional eating.
  • check
    A proactive plan to stop set-backs before the start.
  • check
    A feeling of empowerment when faced with social situations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

the hypnosis session sounds really cool...but i don't really understand it. Will you give me some more details?

i know that if i do the work, i will see results but how much time do i need to set aside each week?

what if i miss a week? 

do i need a facebook account?

will i lose weight with this program?

i've tried so many things...i'm afraid that this won't work.

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​Onetime payment of

  • Access to The Hunger Solution
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Weekly Office Hours with Tara & Dr. Rachelle
  • Lifetime Access