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FREE Meditation to Find Calm & Take Action

There’s a funny thing about healthy food – it only works if you eat it.  Exercise is only effective if you do it.  Yes, I know when it’s written out this can seem obvious.  Still we can get so lost in the quest for perfect timing or the worry that our action isn’t bold enough to be effective that we end up standing still…or waiting for next Monday, next Month, next year.

In actuality, real action comes from a place of calm – which creates focus – and allows you to take a firm step forward.

The tool I personally use and that we use in The Hunger Solution is meditation.

Dr. Rachelle has created a great 5 minute meditation for you to help create calm and focus.  You can listen to her meditation here:

FREE 5 Minute Meditation  

It may just be the step you need to move forward.

If you enjoyed this meditation, Dr. Rachelle and I are teaming up for a new program kicking off this Friday October 12th called The Hunger Solution.  It combines real science education, mindset and psychological strategies and support to help you break free from all the fads and find your best solution.  You can find out more about The Hunger Solution here.

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