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3 Diet Myths Keeping You Stuck – And What to do Instead

In the diet and nutrition world, there are certain things that we hear so frequently that we get to the point where we assume they are true.  Often, they are even based on some scientific fact but then presented in either an incomplete or biased way.

Unfortunately this misinformation can keep us stuck.  Either it leads us to the exact wrong result (i.e. belly fat when we are trying to lose weight) or  when we can’t stick with it (or maybe it just feels terrible) we assume we are broken.

In order to help you get unstuck, I wanted to share the three biggest diet myths in my practice.  I share how they became a myth, what is really happening in your body and (the most important part) what to do instead.  I cover:

  • Do carbohydrates make you fat?
  • Why you can lose weight but not maintain
  • How to handle plateaus

I formatted this in a free webinar so you could visually see what I was talking about, and ask questions to me directly.  You can sign up for the free webinar here.

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